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About the Author

Alan Simon is the USA TODAY bestselling author of several historical novels set in the mid-20th century: The First Christmas of the War; Thanksgiving, 1942; The First Christmas After the War; and Unfinished Business. His USA TODAY bestselling novel Gettysburg, 1913: The Complete Novel of the Great Reunion pays tribute to that wondrous, real-life event attended by more than 50,000 aging Civil War veterans fifty years after that epic battle.

He is also the author of the memoir Clemente: Memories of a Once-Young Fan - Four Birthdays, Three World Series, Two Holiday Steelers Games, and One Bar Mitzvah, published in honor and memory of the 40th anniversary of baseball Hall-of-Famer Roberto Clemente's tragic loss on a humanitarian mission.

He is a native of Pittsburgh (where several of his novels are set) and currently lives in Phoenix.