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The DeLuca Furlough Brides




Seventy-five years ago, in the earliest days of World War II, hundreds of thousands of young American women hastily married their sweethearts before those young men went off to war. This is the story of two of those young women who became known as furlough brides.


Much to the dismay of her haughty mother, nineteen-year-old Elizabeth Buchanan marries her high school sweetheart, Carlo DeLuca, during Carlo’s brief furlough following Marine Corps boot camp before he departs for infantry training…and then the bloody islands of the Pacific Theater.

One week later, Elizabeth's high school acquaintance Angela Antolini marries Carlo's older brother Tony while Tony is home on furlough following his U.S. Army basic training. As with Carlo - and their other two brothers - Tony will soon be off to war.Elizabeth and Angela - the DeLuca furlough brides - form a bond that carries them through the World War II homefront years. Both young women find jobs as government agency secretaries to help them cope with one lonely day after another. Katherine Buchanan, Elizabeth's meddling mother, refuses to accept her daughter's marriage to someone that Katherine considers to be beneath her daughter. Elizabeth's black market-dealing brother and father present her with even more problems, even as she worries day after day about Carlo's well-being.Come spend the war years with Elizabeth and Angela as they each struggle with the same monumental question:How can a wartime marriage survive years apart from each other, amidst constant fear and many other trials?
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