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Alan's latest novel: Lost at Sea: his second women's fiction/contemporary romance

collaboration with his wife


Lost at Sea



Deanna Cooper is at a turning point in her life.  

Two years past a divorce, she decides to leave behind fifteen years as a Navy lawyer, courtesy of an early retirement plan. Deanna’s retired Navy lawyer father quickly swoops in and arranges a position for her with a corporate law firm in Seattle, where two of his friends are senior partners. With one month until her new job begins, Deanna and her younger sister Tracy decide to take a one-week Baja cruise, with stops in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo.  

Fortunately for Deanna, even with her impending move to a new city and her upcoming career change, as she boards the Jubilee cruise ship she can totally relax because this entire next phase of her life is neatly laid out... 

…or so she believes.  

Aboard the Jubilee, following an unpleasant impromptu double-date arranged by her sister, Deanna meets Jesse Hartwood, a sexy atrium lounge singer who long ago escaped from a destructive path as a grunge-era band member. Deanna and Jesse immediately establish a connection following his performance one night during a lengthy, intimately personal conversation that lasts late into the post-midnight hours.  

As the days pass, additional layers are revealed – to Deanna herself as well as to the reader – setting in motion a sequence of events that will call everything into question for Deanna.

Venice Redux




Redux: "brought back; restored."
An empty marriage.
Divorce papers almost finalized.

What happens when fate brings both Leslie and Greg Meyer back to Venice, Italy...the scene of their long ago fairy-tale wedding?

College history professor Leslie Meyer is on her way to Venice, Italy...and ready to move on with her life. She has just signed the divorce papers that are now on their way to her husband's attorney for her soon-to-be-ex-husband to sign, and within weeks their eighteen-year marriage will be over.

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Her conference presentation in Venice is the final, all-important step on her long road to achieving the security of a tenured faculty position...but Leslie is well aware that her own department chairman is far from her biggest supporter, and she is increasingly worried that he has some unpleasant surprises waiting for her after she arrives in Venice.
Purely by chance, Greg Meyer needs to travel to Venice for business at the same time that Leslie will be there. Leslie has no plans to rendezvous with the man from whom she will soon be divorced, and hasn't even seen in more than a year.

Fate has other plans, though...

Leslie Meyer is well aware that her life is about to dramatically change... but exactly what changes await her will catch her by surprise!
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EARLY 2021

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