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For many years I've kept a foot (actually a manuscript) in several different areas of writing: technology, business, and fiction. At the heart of the matter, I can only presume that I enjoy putting a good story in print, even if I've been doing so in widely different genres.

Between 1985 and 2001 I authored or co-authored nearly 30 technology and business books. In 2002, I shifted gears and began working in earnest on two fiction manuscripts:THE FIRST CHRISTMAS OF THE WAR and UNFINISHED BUSINESS, both of which have been available since 2010.

As I wrote THE FIRST CHRISTMAS OF THE WAR, the idea for similarly structured sequels depicting that family's saga through the war years also surfaced. THANKSGIVING, 1942 was published in November, 2012 and the third title in the series - THE FIRST CHRISTMAS AFTER THE WAR - is now available, with four more titles to follow.

My novel GETTYSBURG, 1913: THE COMPLETE NOVEL OF THE GREAT REUNION, now a USA TODAY bestseller, was written in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of that momentous occasion that has been all but forgotten over the years.

Also, since I grew up in Pittsburgh - where most of my historical novels to date have been set - I watched the great Roberto Clemente play for the Pittsburgh Pirates when I was younger. I published a short memoir about Clemente, timed for the 40th anniversary of when the world lost Roberto on his humanitarian mission following the Nicaragua earthquake in 1972. Anyone who grew up in Pittsburgh in those days, or most any baseball fan, will enjoy CLEMENTE: MEMORIES OF A ONCE-YOUNG FAN - FOUR BIRTHDAYS, THREE WORLD SERIES, TWO HOLIDAY STEELERS GAMES, AND ONE BAR MITZVAH.

I have a LONG list of to-be-written titles...not just in historical fiction, but also in contemporary fiction and other genres. For me, writing is a passion regardless of whether it's technology, business, sports-related memoirs, or fiction. I'm also a faculty member in the Information Systems Department at Arizona State University, my alma mater. As they say about some actors, I'd like to think I have range!


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